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For over thirty years, Dr. Hartman worked in the business world. Rising up from being an entry level accountant to the highest ranks as a CFO in Fortune 500 companies, such as Footlocker and Yankee Candle. In 2010, Dr. Hartman left the business world to give back to others what he had learned. This involved going back to college and getting both a Master’s and Doctorate degree in Ministry.
Today, Dr. Hartman is both a trained theologian and an expert in business. Marrying these two worlds is now his life passion. Undaunted by the perception that Christianity and business don’t mix, Dr. Hartman teaches and shows how both worlds are not only compatible, but necessary.
Dr. Hartman credo today is to “Walk with people into a brighter future.” He believes strongly that all that work should live out the Gospel by “Being the Gospel.”

Jesus & Co.

Connecting the Lessons of The Gospel with Today’s Business World

This book provides a practical and relatable connection to the historical Jesus for business people today. Jesus & Co. uses the exact words spoken by Jesus and compelling historical evidence to bring Jesus alive in a very different way. He becomes accessible and real, by connecting His words and the ancient Judean marketplace with inspiring people from the 21st century.

A Year With God

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A Man of Great Courage

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